Elevator Pitch

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I started this blog after being motivated by Tonia of Tonia’s Roots in her “31 weeks to a better genealogy blog” challenge.

This first week was a lot more difficult than I expected. The task was to write an elevator pitch. I discovered that when I’m writing my mind wanders—- everywhere! I had to go back to the document I was pouring my thoughts into and delete some things, move other things around, and in the interest of having a pitch that is 150 words or less, drastically –and I mean drastically — cut it back.

The result is on the About page, linked at the top of this page. I think it can be better, however it’s probably going to take a lot more ‘doing’- i.e. actually writing in this blog – to get me to the point where I can answer all of the ideas that were in Tonia’s post. So I’ll keep thinking about it as I work through the remaining 30 weeks to a better genealogy blog, and maybe by the time the 30 weeks is up I’ll have something exciting to add to my pitch.

What about you – have you finished your elevator pitch? Leave a comment with a link if you have. I’d love to read it. I could really use some good ideas (hahaha).



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