Those Places Thursday: Mountain Creek Church and Cemetery


Many of my ancestors are from North Carolina, and specifically Granville County. It seems every time I locate a death certificate it shows that they are buried at Mountain Creek Church, Oxford. My genealogical bucket list includes a visit to Oxford, NC and a visit to this church, which still stands today.

Here is a link to the Facebook page for the church

A postcard which looks like it’s from the 20’s or 30’s is available at the North Carolina Collection of the University of Chapel Hill.


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  1. Teresa Costa Fraser

    Saw your twitter post. Nice blog with great photos. Signed in with google. Have a great day. Good luck with your blog. Regards, Teresa

  2. Mark

    You may already know this but wanted to make sure…The Mountain Creek Baptist Church you want to visit is not the church pictured in the old post card.
    They are similar architecturally which makes them easy to confuse. The Mountain Creek Baptist Church has an Oxford address but it is not actually located within the city limits. It’s out in the country on Mountain Creek Rd.
    This map gives a good picture of the location:

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