And then life takes over

Life is a precious gift. Don't waste it being unhappy, dissatisfied, or anything else you can be
I am exhausted, just home from my so-called day job in which I teach night classes, thinking about how I am going to manage to finish the half-marathon I am running in 4 days 9 hours and 16 minutes (according to the marathon website).

So what am I doing writing a blog post, you say?

I’m feeling guilty. I had high hopes of managing to post twice weekly here, even if I was on my deathbed. However it wasn’t death that did me in. It was life. I am barely managing to crank out one post each week right now, and it doesn’t look like that will change for a couple of weeks.

If you’re curious then feel free to read the next couple of paragraphs, otherwise just skip to the part where I say I’ll probably be back in a week and I’ll get over it.

As some of you already know, my primary-life consists of teaching, doing finance research, attending conferences and meetings, being a mom and a wife and a housekeeper (yada-yada). Then there’s my genea-life: genea-research, genea-blogging, genea-volunteering, genea-society-ing, genea-SL-meetings… you get the idea.

Unfortunately, my primary-life has taken over the vast majority of my time lately. Especially the research part. I have an article due in a few weeks that can make or break my primary-life-career. So I’m letting it break much of my genea-life, but only temporarily.

In the meantime I’m trying to at least continue to do volunteer work, and show up here once each week. My house is a mess, but hey — I’m here.  A year from now I won’t remember what my house looked like today anyway.

So I’ll probably see you in a week. I hope you hang in with me. So far it’s been a fun ride.

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  1. Cheryl Palmer

    You go! Have fun with the run! Everyone will wait for you, life does it to all of us at times.

  2. Dana

    As Cheryl said – you rock that run and life in general! We’ll be here waiting. :) It happens to all of us, and it’s happened to me a lot lately. I was posting multiple times a week and now I’m managing 1-2 with the way life is hitting me. But it will ease up – just hang in there!

  3. Tom Patin

    It’s all about priorities. Your marathon is a race, but the rest of life is not. You’re doing fine.

  4. 1ancestry2littletime

    Thanks to everyone for your support. It’s nice to know others understand the frustration and need for priorities!

  5. Greta Koehl

    This is very close to my experience at this point. I am trying to get home better organized so that I have more time for genealogy, but work is making greater and greater demands. We’ll get through this.

    • 1ancestry2littletime

      Thanks Greta – and thanks for stopping by even as busy as you are. I love your blog!! You’re doing a great job with it even with limited time!

  6. Karen Blackmore

    I, and obviously many others, totally understand. As Tom said, Priorities. Unfortunately sometimes they get in the way of my preferences, but fortunately that is usually only temporary (a few days, weeks, months?) I’ve learned that sometimes I have to have as much patience with myself as I have with others. Have a great run.

    • 1ancestry2littletime

      Hi Karen- thanks for the positive comments! After receiving so much great feedback from everyone I’m mellowing on the defeating self-talk. :) One more short run and then my race. Thanks for the well wishes!!

  7. Cindy

    How did you do at the marathon? Fabulous I’m sure!
    I know how you feel! I started out like gang-busters with my blog, posting several times a week. Now I’m down to just a couple times a week (maybe) what with trying to balance my “real life” and “gene-life” it’s tough! I don’t know where to find the time or inspiration! But like you, I’ll hang in there and keep plugging away. We’ll be glad we did!
    Just thought I’d add my 2 cents worth! :-)
    Cindy (Genealogy Circle)

    • 1ancestry2littletime

      Hi Cindy – thanks for the inspiration!! The half-marathon went great…. I finished :) I’m starting to believe that nearly everyone with a blog has ups and downs in their ability to keep it going… so we’re not alone. We’re human. Sometimes when I open my google reader and find some blogs have dozens of updates in days, I wish they’d be more like us. LOL it’s hard to keep up with the most prolific of the bloggers.

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