My Rooted Technology Meme

This meme was started by Thomas MacEntee over at Geneabloggers as a look at the technology he currently uses and what keeps him rooted in his genealogy research. Here are the instructions, along with my responses below. I also added one to the bottom of the list that I thought fit in as well.

If you want to join in the fun and show off your own tech cred, here are the rules for the My Rooted Technology meme:

  • Technology you already use: bold face type
  • Technology you would like to use or learn more about: italicize (color optional)
  • Technology you don’t use, have no interest in using or no longer use: plain type
  • Explain or give opinions in brackets [     ] at the end of each bullet point
  1. I have a tablet computer such as an iPad that I use for genealogy [iPad all the way]
  2. I have downloaded one or more apps to a Smart Phone or similar device. [I have more than I can ever possibly use in my lifetime]
  3. I belong to a genealogy society that uses social media. [I belong to quite a few genealogy societies but I can say none of them are using social media effectively].
  4. I use GEDCOM files and understand the various compatibility issues involved. [ugh]
  5. I have added metadata to some of my files and digital photos. [The answer to this is yes and no so I won’t take credit for it. I need to learn more about this].
  6. I have utilized an API from a genealogy-related application or website. [Huh? Actually, I have used API with plugins for this blog, but I really don’t know enough about it to claim this one conquered.]
  7. I have taken a DNA test related to my genealogy research.
  8. I have used the FamilySearch Research Wiki. [Absolutely. I also try to contribute to the FamilySearch Research Wiki as much as possible.]
  9. I have a Facebook account and use it regularly for genealogy. [However, you’ll have to find me through a friend since my page is not public. I do accept friend requests, and many of the folks that have already participated in this meme are already connected to me. hint.]
  10. I use tech tools to help me cite my sources in genealogy research. [I attempted Zotero but just didn’t have the time to spend in starting it up. I have been keeping my citations in RootsMagic.]
  11. I have developed a genealogy-related app for a Smart Phone or similar device. [I’m not sure I’d be interested in the development side unless it was to consult as an end-user.]
  12. I use a genealogy database program (Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic etc.)
  13. I use cloud computer resources to store my genealogy data. [Ditto Thomas’ response: “Hello Dropbox!” I also use Evernote and was using iDisk for some backups but now I will be switching to iCloud — I’ve been working on that little project all week.]
  14. I have made one or more contributions to the FamilySearch Research Wiki.
  15. I have attended a genealogy webinar. [Multiple. Can’t get enough.]
  16. I have organized and administered a DNA testing group related to my genealogy. [Interesting idea. Hadn’t thought of doing one myself until now.]
  17. I use apps involving GPS and Geo-caching for my genealogy research. 
  18. I have a Google+ account and use it regularly for genealogy. [Here I am.]
  19. I have created and published a family history e-book.
  20. I have create a wiki related to my genealogy research. [Another interesting idea.]
  21. I have conducted a genealogy webinar as a presenter. 
  22. I read genealogy-related blogs to help improve my own research.
  23. I have one or more genealogy-related blogs to help improve my own research.
  24. I have a Twitter account and use it regularly for genealogy. [Twitter icon appears above].
  25. I have one or more genealogy-related websites which I run and administer. [I am the county coordinator for the Mecklenburg County NCGenWeb site, which is a part of the U.S. GenWeb Project]
  26. I have created a screencast or video related to genealogy and posted it at a video sharing site (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.).
  27. I use one or more digital tools to capture and record my family history.
  28. I meet with other genealogists in Second Life. [I wrote about this here. There are book clubs, genealogy chats, and many other genealogy-related meetings. We even had a holiday dance in SL a few weeks ago!]


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