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A Special Gift This Christmas...

This week’s SNGF posted by Randy Seaver is about Your Genealogy and Family History Gifts.  This is an easy one for me since I’d love to give the gift of genealogy to everyone on my list, however in keeping it to a reasonable number I have written two. Here’s Randy’s challenge, with my response appearing below.

Pick out a genealogy-oriented gift for someone you know, admire, appreciate or love. It could be for a family member, someone in the genealogy community, or a friend or colleague. Describe your genealogy gift to them. [Note: you don’t have to actually gift them, although it would be a nice thing to do!]

I’m sure every genealogist can think of one person on their list that they wish would have more interest in genealogy. In my case I would LOVE to gift my sister with the genealogy bug. I enjoy doing things with my sister and it would be so much fun for both of us were she to suddenly come down with the same genealogy addiction that I have. I’d love to be able to share our family history and wish she would see how rewarding the search and sharing can be.  We don’t get to spend enough time together now that we live in different states, and I think sharing a genealogy project would help to bridge that gap.

I’d love to gift a B.U. Genealogical Research Program to my blogger friend Dana over at Just Folks.  Dana and I started our blogs at about the same time and although we’ve never met in person there is definitely a connection there.  It would be so cool to be able to share the experience with her.

Happy holidays!!!! 



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Genealogy Fun

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  1. Dana

    That’s such a sweet wish, thank you! And happy holidays to you, too! I look forward to experiencing the B.U. program vicariously through you. 😉

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