Fab Finds in Genealogy for the Week of 8 January 2012

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It’s been an insane week. Somehow I was caught up in tons of genea-chat on Twitter, possibly because I now include a #genealogy column in HootSuite. It was great to keep up with all of the happenings labeled genealogy, yet I’m not sure I should keep it there since I found it all too interesting (and all too easy to procrastinate away other important things on my #everlastingtodolist)!

Here are the fab finds for this week:


The GeneaWebinars calendar is updated for 2012. If you haven’t had a look recently I encourage you to do so. Webinars are a great source of genea-education, and many times you will find they are free.  I participate in many of these webinars; now I just need the time to apply what I’ve learned (1 ancestry 2 little time might be better named 1 life 2 little time).

Legacy Family Tree has announced its 2012 Schedule of free webinars in this flyer.

Here’s something picked up on by Lineagekeeper: A Prezi presentation on Beginning Genealogy by Molly Mooney of the Canton Public Library. Better yet, go to prezi.com and on the “Explore” tab search for genealogy. Cool.


PBS is slated to run “Finding Your Roots,” a ten part genealogy series exploring the backgrounds of famous Americans, starting March 25th, with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

ResumeBear wrote a piece about setting up your twitter account for employment that was directed at college students, but it really applies to anyone with a career. I’d also go so far as to say it applies to anyone that is interested in a career change … say a professional genealogist, maybe?

Got Powells? This article describes the 30 year search of one man for his Powell ancestors reaching back to the 15th century. He now has over 3,000 pages of information and plans put it into story form to share with other family members. His next project seems to be to prove a connection with C. S. Mott. Interesting.

An Ancestry.com success story: An adopted woman finds her biological family.

Don’t forget the great announcements at the Genealogy Insider News Corral, which runs regularly at the familytreemagazine.com website.


 How to Uncover Polish Heritage with Surnames, from About.com

As reported by Dick Eastman among others, the National Archives has announced availability of videos on youtube. Many of these have been available in the past, however this is the first formal announcement that I am aware of.

The National Genealogical Society uploaded a NGS 2012 Family History Conference promotional video to youtube this week.


GenealogyInTime magazine lists the 100 most popular genealogy websites, some of which are also highlighted by Randy Seaver at his blog.

Geneabloggers reports 21 new genealogy and family history blogs this week. Help these folks out by adding them to your blog reader or stopping by and leaving a comment.

Don’t forget this coming Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 8:30 PM is the meeting for the Second Life Chapter of Association of Professional Genealogists. You do not have to be a member of the APG to join us at the Just Genealogy fire pit in Second Life. If you’re not familiar with Second Life I wrote about it here (free webinar linked on that page). I hope to see you there!




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