Fab Finds in Genealogy for the Week of 29 January 2012


Welcome to another week of Fab Finds!


Forty volumes of official Milwaukee County Board proceedings (1838-1905) may be turned over to the historical society, rather than continuing to waste away in a courthouse storeroom. The Milwaukee County Historical Society plans to store the books properly and make them available for genealogical research. This article by Steve Schultze in the Journal Sentinel quotes a selection of entries from the proceedings.

Are you a Tolkien fan? Here’s one you’ll enjoy: a Middle Earth Genealogy. If you’re really that into Tolkien, then maybe you want to check out the Lord of the Rings wiki while you’re at it (just sayin’).

The 1000memories app Shoebox that digitizes paper snapshots is now integrated with facebook, allowing you to fill in all of that birth-until-now gap in your timeline.

Mocavo announced the addition of former Wall Street Analyst, Ryan Hunter, as COO and Michael Leclerc, formerly with the New England Historic Genealogical Society, as Chief Genealogist.

Ed Laput of Colchester, Connecticut received the Fremont Rider Award for Lifetime Achievement, Dedication and Vision in Genealogy, which has been awarded only two previous times in the past 65 years by Godfrey Memorial Library. Too bad the author of the article doesn’t have spell-check (article title: “Man Who Catalogued Cemetery Given Highest Geneology Award”).

RootsTech will be streaming many of the presentations online, as reported by Diane Haddad of the Genealogy Insider.

Enter the FamilySearch contest “Share Your Story” to win a $100 Visa gift card. While you’re there, maybe you’ll want to help out with the FamilySearch Indexing projects.

Dick Eastman writes about volunteer opportunities sought by FamilySearch for Facebook pages and Skype group chats. If you don’t have a Facebook login, just follow the link and you’ll be given the opportunity to sign up for one.

Caution: There is an email scam surrounding the census, reported by the Society of Genealogists.

Research and Education

What are the best records before birth and death registration was required? and Was my ancestor’s name changed at Ellis Island? both on Genealogy Today, by Elizabeth Lindsay.

A genealogist gave up on technology and is now using dogs to seek out an old family cemetery in Perry County, Alabama.

Thomas MacEntee announced two free webinars geared toward genealogy speakers.

The State Library of North Carolina offers four short tutorials on file naming.

For those in the NC area, The North Carolina Genealogical Society, Braswell Memorial Library, and the Tar River Connections Genealogy Society present Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, “Genealogy Done Right,” March 31, 2012 at the Braswell Memorial Library. (I truly wish I could be there…)

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