Fab Finds in Genealogy for the Week of 4 March 2012


I became the proud mom of a 7 month old baby boy this week, so my hands have been a bit full these past few days. My 4 year old is excited about his baby brother and we’ve also been busy with visiting family and friends. Despite the relative increase in insanity, here are this week’s fab finds!


Looking for ways to volunteer your genealogy efforts? Have you heard of the unclaimed persons forum? This is a volunteer project that helps find next of kin for the deceased.


Dr. Bill Smith writes about the Family History Information Standards Organization (FHISO) that is working to build international standards for sharing genealogical information.

Here’s an interesting article on “How Do You Cite a Tweet in an Academic Paper?” giving the Modern Language Association standard format.

This post by Olive Tree Genealogy describes using wildcards in Ancestry.com — something I have to remind myself  to do more often. I’ll be bookmarking this one.

How about trying out cooking to re-connect with your family history?

Here’s a story about a 30 year assignment on the North Carolina Nutter family in two volumes, recently completed by genealogist Fred Boyle.

This article details Karen Baynham Curry’s search for her African American family history.


Ancestry.com published a new video on YouTube “Using Fast-Track Tools to Help Your Research” which is a recording of a live Q&A that took place on February 28, 2012. They discuss research tools, DNA, and African American resources.

Other Resources:

Here are a few bloggers capturing regular summaries of their own finds:

Check out Deb Ruth’s “Follow Friday Gems, ” “Monday Morning Mentions” by the Armchair Genealogist, Randy Seaver’s “Best of the Geneablogs,” and Geneabloggers.com newly discovered genealogy and family history blogs.  The latest genealogy community announcements are found at geneapress.com, and Diane Haddad and the Family Tree Magazine staff write the weekly Genealogy News Corral on the genealogy insider blog.

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Fab Finds


  1. Sierra

    Congratulations on the new addition! We had our second last year and it is so much fun with two!

  2. Bart Brenner (GeneaPopPop)


  3. Tonia Kendrick


  4. JJT

    Our kids are about the same difference in ageand it is wonderful to see them play together and our older one read to the younger…

  5. Mark

    Congratulations. I must say you’re on your way to bliss. And when baby grows up and decides to have a few of it’s own… Heaven!

  6. 1ancestry2littletime

    Thanks, everyone. We are definitely blessed. We’re a long way off from grandkids yet but that would be wonderful.

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