Fab Finds for You – 15 April 2012

Enumeration, Approximately 120,000 Enumerators were Employed, 1940 - 1941What a crazy couple of weeks it has been since the release of the 1940 census. I have been indexing late at night whenever I get the chance as I know many of you have as well.  Geneabloggers on blogtalkradio had a 1940 Census Success Stories show on Friday evening with DearMYRTLE and Jim Ericson of FamilySearch. Jim said that over 2 million records have been indexed so far. Incredible!!

I found it interesting that as #1940census trended on twitter, many were tweeting “Why is #1940census trending?” I guess it’s just the die hard genealogy buffs that really got it, eh?

At the Second Life Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists meeting last week, members shared quite a few helpful resources some of which are listed below.

1940 Census Webinars and Resources

DearMYRTLE hosted 1940 census webinars the week after the census was released, which are still available on the Rootsmagic archive.

DearMYRTLE, Carrie and Russ are offering a webinar Monday evening titled “1940 Census Update: What to do with this now?” which will cover, among other things, citation and analysis. Click on the link to register.

Elizabeth O’Neal provides us with a great diigo site with helpful 1940 indexing resources.

There is now a mailing list for all things related to the 1940 Census, or you can wait for the archives to post and then search or browse.


The Association of Professional Genealogists is offering a webinar “Facts, Photos and Fair Use: Copyright Law for Genealogists” on Wednesday April 25, 2012. Register here.


Here’s a video describing a family tree in American Sign Language. There are many of these that popped up in the last week, but this is the only one I found where the person describing the tree actually shows a tree with pictures, so for those of us who aren’t fluent in ASL, it’s much easier to follow.

What’s New at Ancestry.com” and “Are Shaky Leaf Hints All There Are?” with Christa Cowan.

Education and Resources

What information is given in U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules? from Genealogy Today.

Social Security Death Index Redactions, including information on the legislative proposals, by The Ancestry Insider.

DearMYRTLE provides us with the APG: Young Professional Award Application announcement.

“Learn Social History” – Part 5 in a learn genealogy series by Bill Smith. Although the series is titled “The Best of Springfield Genealogy” the series offers something for everyone, not just Springfield genealogists.


Just for kicks — search Google news for 1940 Census.

Here’s an interesting article – “Man finds his German double (Richard Krebs, meet Richard Krebs)” — same name, but no proven connection yet. What a coincidence. Maybe it’s time to try DNA.


Regular Resources:

Check out…

Michael Hait’s “Notable Genealogy Blog Posts,”

Deb Ruth’s “Follow Friday Gems, ”

Monday Morning Mentions” by the Armchair Genealogist,

Randy Seaver’s “Best of the Geneablogs,” and

Geneabloggers.com newly discovered genealogy and family history blogs.

The latest genealogy community announcements are found at geneapress.com, and Diane Haddad and the Family Tree Magazine staff write the weekly Genealogy News Corral on the genealogy insider blog.

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